Precision Process Material

Precision process material is a kind of functional product with high precision requirements on material bonding strength, coating adhesion, stability and cleanliness. It is mainly used in the manufacturing process of electronic products and highly automated production with intelligent manufacturing equipment.

Multiple Function Material

Multiple function material is a kind of bonding products with a variety of composite functions. The main application scenario is the interior of consumer electronics devices, which can meet customers' specific requirements on bonding strength, heat dissipation, electrical conductivity, EMI shielding and other functions in a small space.


Display Module Material

Display module material is a kind of multipule fuctional material mainly used in OLED module. It has high requirements to EMI shielding, thermal conductivity, anti-repulsion, peel strength and other properties, in order to avoid the abnormal display caused by high temperature and electromagnetic interference etc.



Precision Process Protection

Precision Process Material +

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